We are very excited to announce that the Twisted Fiber Art website is getting a well deserved facelift in July!  She is going to the spa and when she gets back she will be refreshed and renewed.  Many great suggestions and requests from our awesome customers (that’s you!) have guided our new design.

Here are a few of the things we think you should know about…

  • 100g. Evolution: Muse, Arial, Tasty, Kabam and Yummy will all now be offered in this pattern friendly new put up size!
  • Long Repeat Striping: Put up will return to 150g. – Lots of yarn with nice wide stripes, perfect for your winter scarf projects.
  • Coordinates:  Every colorway’s Coordinate will now be the two end colors from the Evolution. Therefore, some Coordinates will be retiring, but you can always get a little more yarn to finish a project.
  • Playful Striping: Put up size will now be 100g. – just like all of our other self-striping yarns.
  • Tasty’s yardage will be adjusted to accurately reflect the yarn we receive from our mill.


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