Fire Affects Production

Fire broke out at the the neighboring Baja Grille yesterday evening around 5:45pm. The restaurant shares a wall with our studio and shop on the lower level of Kean’s department store in Mason, MI.  A preliminary investigation by the Mason Fire Department says that it is believed to have started with the wiring in one of the restaurants walk in freezers on the lower level, right on the other side of the wall from our dye station. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the blaze.  All employees, residents, and their pets were successfully evacuated.

Twisted Fiber Art sustained both heavy smoke damage and some water damage. Most of the yarn and dyes will have to be replaced and we have a long clean up ahead of us.  We are expecting this to affect the processing time of your orders. Unfortunately we don’t know how much.  Until we can get in the studio to see exactly what equipment has been affected there is no way of telling.  We will keep you updated through emails like this one and with announcements on our site and through RavelryFacebook, and Twitter.

We know our customers rule!  We know it’s hard to wait for yarn, but your patience with us during this time will be the biggest help you can give us.  We are NOT going anywhere!!!  All of the orders you have placed will be filled.  All future orders will be filled.  The processing time will be the only thing that is affected.  You can still count on the quality, the luxury, and the color you expect from a cake of Twisted Fiber Art Yarn.  So please bear with us, we will get through this and be back to business as usual as soon as we possibly can.

Meg, Beth, and the Twisted Team

Summer Lovin’

Everything slows down when the weather warms up.  We are outside tending our gardens, spending time with family and friends, entertaining and being entertained.  I was on the look out for light and airy projects that were small enough to tuck in your beach bag, but interesting enough to keep you invested. Crochet offers not only the light lacy feel that we like during the summer months, but the fact that there is only one hook to keep track of is a bonus!  Check out these beautiful crochet projects from our Ravelry group.
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Click on the images to see information about the project.

New Colorway

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir: Caviar. Myanmar. Mid-sized car. You don’t have to be pop-u-lar to pull off this colorway! Inspired by Titus Andromedon, our favourite character in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and his signature colors! Oak barrel brown, rose pinks, and deep wine red.

Featured Product



Twisted Fiber Art that is Uniquely yours!

We have been hoarding yarn for years. I mean it! We have been holding out on you! All of the skeins that were not quite up to snuff. All of the cakes that were dyed in the wrong order, all off the tests we preformed while developing a new colorway have been hidden away from the world. UNTIL NOW! Now, you can steal these gems for yourselves. Now you can enjoy the beauty of Twisted Fiber Art in a way that is Uniquely yours. There are no two alike and they are all available at a discounted price starting at 10% and going up from there depending on the issue.

Look for the Unique heading at the top of the webpage and select from different categories.

Unique yarns and colorways are flawless in their structural integrity – no knots or breaks unless specifically noted.

  • The colors may not have been exactly as advertised
  • A color in the colorway was not represented or in the wrong order
  • The proportions of color are not standard

Protoypes are just that, tests that Meg performs during her design process in order to create a new colorway.

  • Some may resemble the finished colorway but are not quite perfect
  • Some may be a very early test and do not resemble the finished colorway at all
  • Some were never fully developed and were never released as a finished colorway
  • Most products in this category are flawless in their structural integrity – no knots or breaks (unless specifically stated)

Retired products are placed in this category if the yarn/fiber base they were dyed on has been retired, or if the colorway itself has been retired.

  • Products in this category may be either a retired base OR a retired colorway OR both
  • All retired products regardless of issue are in this category; please read the product descriptions carefully to determine their condition.

Wandering Dye products are placed here because the dye did not end up where it was supposed to be. This can create a very beautiful effect if the “wandering” is minor, however, if there are big splotches it may be a necessary to cut out that portion of the yarn and then continue on.

  • Products may have splotches or splatters
  • Color from one area of the colorway may have “wandered” into another area more than was deemed acceptable

Odd Sized products look as they should but fall outside of our acceptable weight range.

  • Products may be a “heavy” or “light”
  • Products may be unrelated to our current sizing structure

  • All products are final sale only. No returns will be accepted
  • We are not able to match colors to extend a project made from products in this category
  • A brief description of each product is included – if we know of any issues with the structural or color integrity of the product it will be listed there.
  • All products are individually priced.

Twisted News!

Our Ramen Obsession

Meg has long been obsessed with the iPhone app Ramen Chain. It’s an engaging time-management game that whisks her away from real life… and makes her very hungry! “Indulge in the colorful world of ramen.” Yes, please! After the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival a quirky little noodle shop caught her eye. Then, the Ramen Bar in Squirrel Hill changed our lives. Meg ordered her favorite dish from the game, the one with the egg. (Quick tip – ALWAYS get the egg!!!) After that eye-opening meal we made a pact to seek out the best ramen when we travel. After an abbreviated attempt to set up for Yarn Con in Chicago an extensive search on yelp lead us to Wasabi Ramen. So much style and excellence… people watching, the pork buns, the super cool ladle … i mean spoon! (note the delicious egg)

This is our mission: local restaurants that specialized in authentic Ramen.

We will be in Shaumburg, IL for Stitches Midwest in August, and in the Loop Area in downtown Chicago for Vogue Live in October.  I just know we can count on you to aid us on our Ramen journey.

Spread the Love

We are always on the lookout for new shows to attend.  Help us “Spread the Love” by recommending fiber shows you think we should attend.  Send us an email with a link to the show’s website and who knows, we may show up in your neck of the woods!

In Rotation this Month

Available starting June 12, 2015

Out of Rotation this Month

Available until June 12, 2015


Have an idea or inspiration for a new colorway? Drop us a line.

Need inspiration? Check out what people in our Ravelry Group are knitting!

Come see the show!

If you are too far to stop into our shop but still want to experience our yarn and rovings first hand why not plan a trip to join us at one of the yarn shows we attend? You can find our current list below but keep on the lookout for new additions in a town near you! Do you attend a show that we are missing and want to see us there? Send an email to and give us a heads up!

Wine & Wool

Saturday July 25th

The Wine and Wool shows at the Sandhill Cranes Vinyard in Jackson, MI are the most popular wit the staff at TFA.  The food and wine are relish!


Stitches-MidwestStitches Midwest

Thursday August 6th – Sunday August 9th 2015

Join us at the Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in the Windy City!

VogueVOGUEknitting Live!

Friday October 2nd – Sunday October 5th 2015

Held at the Historic Palmer House Hilton Hotel in Chicago’s Loop area, Vogue Knitting Live is the ultimate, one of a kind, experimental knitting event.