Is it hot in here?

Temperatures were rising in our studio last weekend when a fire broke out next door in the Baja Grille. We share a wall with the restaurant. Smoke from the fire damaged everything in our studio. All inventory has been affected, including the cone upon cone of blank yarn that were standing by ready to become your favorite colorway.
But have no fear! Twisted is rebounding already, with help from our team, family, friends, and community! Fresh yarn has already started to arrive and we are setting up space and dye to process open orders.
Meg’s family is sharing their home with us as a temporary production facility. The garage has become a sorting and storage area for smoke damaged yarn, furniture, displays, supplies and equipment. The back yard, a workspace for cleaning and scrubbing anything we think we can save. The kitchen has become a dye studio. The office and living room will be lined with racks to dry dyed yarn. And the laundry room… well who needs clean clothes anyway?

Fundraising Colorway

So many of you have been asking what you can do to help us. Meg is actually crying as we write this, overcome by your outpouring of love and generosity. We have talked about Kickstarter, GoFundMe and the like but decided that creating a limited-edition fund-raising colorway, would both benefit our company directly, and give our customers an opportunity to hold part of our recovery in their hands! Please welcome our post-fire colorway… Phoenix!

  • Phoenix will be priced double our usual price for put-ups of the same size. The additional cost will go toward helping us get back on our feet.  Thank You!!
  • Customers are able to view an inspiration board, similar to our recent clubs. No pictures of the colorway itself will be reviled until you receive it in the mail.
  • Phoenix will be for sale for the entire time we spend cleaning up and getting the Studio back in working order.
  • It will be dyed and shipped only after we’ve caught up with our regular orders.
  • You select exactly what you want. No packages for you to choose from, order exactly the put ups and sizes that are your favorites.
  • Coordinates will be available for an extended time after we move back in, just in case.

This is going to be a very special colorway and will let you help us get back to doing what we love …making beautiful yarn for you!

Rising from the ashes of our studio this Fundraising colorway will have you soaring!  It's colors are a secret until you receive your package. Take a peek at the inspiration board to see what sparked Meg's creative mind and ultimately inspired this Limited Edition Colorway.

Rising from the ashes of our studio this Fundraising colorway will have you soaring! It’s colors are a secret until you receive your package. Take a peek at the inspiration board to see what sparked Meg’s creative mind and ultimately inspired this Limited Edition Colorway.

Phoenix Inspiration Board

Phoenix Inspiration Board

Featured Product



Twisted Fiber Art that is Uniquely yours!

Available again starting next month

We just hauled out all of these products, photographed them, and priced them to sell. Now, they all smell faintly of smoke! Grrrrrrr! We have decided to let you take advantage of our situation and knock the price of these yarns way down. All of the remaining products from the original release PLUS the rest of our enormous stash will be available starting next month. We will take the time leading up to the release to remove as much of the smell as possible.

Twisted News!

Fire Update

Work is underway to get our part of the building back up and running. There are crews there now cleaning and deodorizing the space and doing their best to get us back in our studio as soon as possible.

Production Update

We are nearly all set up at Meg’s family home. Yarn has arrived and dye is being mixed. Production on open orders can begin to be processed next week. Woohoo! The best way to support TFA is by making a purchase and being patient. We will process each and every order with love, care and attention, it will just take us longer to get it to you. We just know will be worth the wait!

Show Updates

First the good news. We will be at Wine and Wool in Jackson MI on July 25, 2015 with as much smokey inventory as we can fit in our vehicle. We will only be bringing smoke damaged inventory to this show. Come early to get the best selection, show hours are 10am – 5pm.

Now the bad news. Unfortunately the loss of inventory and our limited production space means we had to make some hard choices about the shows we will be attending this year.  We simply don’t have the time, or the man hours it will take to create the amount of inventory needed to attend these events.
So, with a heavy heart we will be canceling the following shows…

  • Stitches Mid-West in Schaumburg, IL
  • Fall Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor, MI

These are both big shows for us and we will miss seeing all of our Twisted Fans. If you were planning on going to Stitches Midwest, you can still catch us at Vogue Live in Chicago in October, and for those local to Ann Arbor, Wine and Wool is in Jackson, MI, just a half hour away.  We hope you will join us at one of these other events.

In Rotation this Month


Have an idea or inspiration for a new colorway? Drop us a line.

Need inspiration? Check out what people in our Ravelry Group are knitting!

Come see the show!

If you are too far to stop into our shop but still want to experience our yarn and rovings first hand why not plan a trip to join us at one of the yarn shows we attend? You can find our current list below but keep on the lookout for new additions in a town near you! Do you attend a show that we are missing and want to see us there? Send an email to and give us a heads up!

Wine & Wool

Saturday, July 25th

FIRE SALE! We will be holding a fire sale at this event. All yarn will be marked at 1/2 price.  Come early for the best selection.

The Wine and Wool shows at the Sandhill Cranes Vineyard in Jackson, MI are the most popular wit the staff at TFA. The food and wine are delish!

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