The most popular club colorway of all time has returned! We are all breathing a deep sigh of relief that we have been able to find a temporary location that allows us to get back to what we love to do … making beautiful yarn for you!

We are relaxing a little bit as we start to enjoy our new space. Meg’s family is listening to the quiet of their home for the first time in months. And most of all, we are taking a collective moment to reflect on the overwhelming love and generosity our wonderful customers bring to us each and every day.

Thank you all for helping Twisted Fiber Art find its Zen.
For the first time ever we will be debuting our newest colorway at a show as well as online at the very same time. We have synchronized our watches and will release Zen online at the very same time the marketplace opens at VOGUEknitting Live.

New Colorway

Zen: Midnight blues transition peacefully to tranquil aquamarine in this soothing colorway. Brought back from our Tranquil Club, Zen is a fan favorite.

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