Happy Anniversary!

Ten years ago I opened an etsy shop to help support my family and feed my creative spirit while staying home with my awesome kids. Today my partner Beth and I lead a team of twelve talented, amazing people who proudly produce the Twisted yarns and rovings you love. I am still surprised at how cool this journey is, how much my life has been enriched by the fiber world and what a special job I have.
We may be temporarily displaced, but our goals of continued growth and strong community have not changed. We are excited to develop new ideas and expand our reach with a wider show schedule. Our future is bright and our company is strong.

Thanks to YOU for helping us build this unique company.


Firefly Scarf
This was one of the first things I ever knit and might be the first skein of yarn I dyed with my striping process that wasn’t fingering weight for socks. I took a class with the amazing Annie Modesitt, highly recommended! She taught, among many things, knitting cables without a cable needle. I started with no plan but to practice a new skill and kept going till the yarn ran out.

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