We Are Thinking Big!

New Colorway!


Heartbreak: The beauty of this colorway is crushing! Broody blue, pitiful purples, pithy pink and barrel bottom brown.

New Gradients!


Rackhouse: Pale moonshine to undiluted bourbon straight from the barrel.


Xylem: Vivid green chloroplasts to fresh sprigs of mint.

New Evolution Product Options Now Available

Playful Medium Evolutions – 100% Superwash Merino
340 yards / 311 meters, 3.5 ounces / 100 grams

Playful Large Evolutions – 100% Superwash Merino
460 yards / 421 meters, 5 ounces / 140 grams

Queen Large Evolutions – 100% Superwash Merino
280 yards / 256 meters, 5 ounces / 140 grams

Catnip Large Evolutions – 50% Silk, 50% Merino
420 yards / 385 meters, 5 ounces / 140 grams

Uniques Are Back!


We have been racking up the seconds to give you a nice selection.  The first 25 gems are up on the site now with more to follow.  So keep checking to see what’s new, we will be adding many more as the pictures are completed.

Twisted News!

Coming soon…


Cupcakes are two 50 gram Evolutions dyed together to create cute little matching cakes. Just think: matching evo socks, mittens, boot toppers, sweater sleeves…the possibilities are endless, and starting in May, they’re yours to play with. We are in the final development stage now, but this news was just too exciting to keep to ourselves! Start picking your patterns now!

Do you have projects in mind already? What yarns do YOU want for Cupcakes?  Drop us a line to let us know. Your answers will help us to decide what we will offer. Click the link above or send a message to goods@twistedfiberart.com and put “Cupcakes” in the subject line. Thank you for your input!


We have decided on themes and design work is in full swing. A start date is on the way.  Here are the details we can share right now.

  • Theme: National Parks and Recreation
  • When:  It will go on sale sometime in May
  • More Info: Will come in the form of a dedicated newsletter in the next few weeks.  Look for sign up details and inspiration boards in your inbox soon!

In Rotation this Month

Available starting April 15, 2016

Out of Rotation this Month

Available until April 29, 2016

Come see the show!

If you are too far to stop into our shop but still want to experience our yarn and rovings first hand why not plan a trip to join us at one of the yarn shows we attend? You can find our current list below but keep on the lookout for new additions in a town near you! Do you attend a show that we are missing and want to see us there? Send an email to goods@twistedfiberart.com and give us a heads up!

Wine & Wool

Saturday, July 30th

The Wine and Wool shows at the Sandhill Cranes Vinyard in Jackson, MI are the most popular wit the staff at TFA. The food and wine are relish!


Stitches-MidwestStitches Midwest

Thursday August 4th – Sunday August 7th 2015

Join us at the Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in the Windy City!

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