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This colorway screams warm weather and sunshine!  Spring is creeping up on us and all I want to see are rich, vibrant, happy, Blazing COLORS!!!

WBlaze Brilliante don’t often get to see the extra phase in the spinning process, but I found a shining example. Alysania spun her Brilliant Roving into gold. Ok, its not gold, but it might as well be! This 100% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester is saturated with the golden yellows, buttery oranges and rich reds and pinks of Blaze. Check out her Handspun Wanida socks by Cookie A. It really doesn’t get much better that that!Blaze Brilliant

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Deal of the Day!

Have you visited our Deal of the day section lately? There is a new deal every few days. Each deal is bautiful, ready to ship yarn at a discount just waiting for a new home. We have put together a few kits that I will be highlighting in this section in the next few weeks. Just add needles and you are good to go!

Club Time is up!

The “Retro or Rustic” club wraps up this week! The final day for all post club orders will be Wednesday, April 19th. If you are a club member head on over to the Secret Post Club Section to make your final selections. Remember, an order for your favorite colorway in post club casts a vote in its favor. If you want to see it again, let your voice be heard!

New this Month:

New Colorways

They’re back, baby!!!

Fox: From the soft black snout to the bright bushy tail this colorway is looking to burrow its way into your stash! Originally a part of the “Look Down” club collection. Soft black, oranges and cream.

Raven: Quoth the raven “Nevermore.” Rich Purples, blues and blacks give the colorway the illusion of iridescence. This popular and long anticipated colorway originally in our “Look Up” club collection is back!

Patterns and Projects:

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Blaze AL

Citron Cutie!
This special Evolving Citron was created with love by Liveinthesun.  What a fitting rav name to go along  with this sunny colorway.  It was knit with an Arial Large. Get the pattern here!

Blaze MS

This is not your grandpa’s vest… SharraOfSunhaven combined a Muse Small and a coordinating skein to create her Mithril Vest of Blaze and Glory.

This knit vest features some pretty intense lace knitting. It has an asymmetrical shape, is knit in one piece from the bottom up, and is seamed at the shoulders. Susan Pandorf designed the project with an beaded option for added drama. This project is a real piece of art!

Blaze QS, QP

RadicalWeft whipped up these Hot Hot Hot Legwarmers out of 2 cakes of queen small. She topped (and bottomed) them off with a coordinate on each end. Legwarmers themselves don’t exactly scream spring weather, but the size and portabilitof the project does. Throw these puppies into your bag and go! Knit wherever you are, but, the park would be my personal choice…

Starting today, April 17, 2017

What’s In?

Crush, La Vie en Rose, Octarine, Oracle, Paramour, Pixie, Roy G Biv, Unity

Starting Monday May 1st, 2017

What’s Out?

Bienvenue, Dusk, Elphaba, Juniper, Magic Hour, Maple, Phantom, Purple Rain

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