Our Club

Club Basics

  • We offer two clubs per year. Each club has three separate shipments spaced out about one month apart.
  • There are two Color Inspiration Boards. Each board represents three colorways. We design first, then find photos with the same colors and general “vibe”.
  • At purchase we invite you to chose the collection that speaks to you. If you just cant decide let us decide for you when you chose the surprise me option. Just e-mail us with the things you like about each of the boards and we will create a package exclusively based on your tastes!
  • Colorways are designed exclusively for each club and won’t be available to the general public for at least a year (often never!).
  • There a number of packages to chose from. We have packages tailored for shawls and for socks. We have roving packages for spinners, and even variety packs for those who like to try it all!
  • Twisted Samples: This option is your ticket to post club bliss! The Sample Membership is a fantastic way to preview all the colorways and join in the anticipation of a monthly surprise delivered right to your door.
  • The Sample option is also available as an upgrade to your Club. Each monthly shipment will include four samples to allow you to preview all club colorways on different yarn bases prior to Post Club.
  • A shipping charge is added by our shipping specialist to cover all three club deliveries (usually around $15, more for those outside of the US).
  • Post Club: For a limited time after the last shipment arrives, club members are able to order any of the six club colorways on any
    yarn or roving!

Inspiration Boards

Each club has two corresponding inspiration boards to give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into; although these aren’t a guarantee of what the final colorways will look like.

These boards are from our Spring 2015 Club, you can see some of the corresponding colorways and compare them to their inspiration boards. We use these boards to guide creativity, not constrain it.

Club Love

Check out these club customers on Ravelry! You can also visit our Ravelry group spoiler threads for a peak at the current club.

“TFA rocks! The stripes, evos… there’s nothing else out there remotely close to the awesomeness that is TFA. Customer service is wonderful and Meg listens to her fans. Plus, it’s a blast to knit.” — Gwendolynie

“I love the Twisted club for the variety of selections. Sometimes I’m in a ‘buy sock yarn’ mood and want stripes. Sometimes it’s all evos. I also love the little samples and the ‘might never see this again’ is very seductive.” — McFrazzled

“I am COMPELLED to join each club because there will always be a club colorway I just have to have, and unless I’m in the club, I will never have it. I love that I can order from either of the color boards at the end of the club.” — happykat

“I do not know how they work their magic but Twisted has that great colour mix sliding from one color into the next and that mixed part has changes within it. So great. It makes the yarn so very, very special.” — feltedwoolies

“The inspiration photos for the two options are so much fun and so pretty that I can’t even comprehend how you can turn it into such gorgeous colors! I love that there are different options for yarn weight and bases and gradients or stripes, I don’t know of another club that gives you so many options within the club!” — kcmrgn213