Blythe – Gallery Curator, Social Media Guru and Chief Enabler

KnittingWorldWar2_sheetmusicIn a vain effort to get an extremely talkative four-year-old out of her hair, Blythe’s mother taught her to crochet at a very young age. It’s all been downhill from there. Blythe decided to hand-crochet Christmas presents while living in Paris during her first year of marriage to The Frenchman. By New Year’s, she had grown tired of hooking and decided that pointy sticks would make better weapons, anyway. Once she had picked up the basics from some YouTube videos, a Ravelry search led Blythe to Twisted Fiber Art. On the invoice from one of her orders, Meg asked if she’d be interested in doing some shop knitting for yarn credit. Would she be interested? Are you kidding? One thing led to another, and now Blythe moderates the TFA Ravelry and Facebook pages, helps out with the website, and continues to knit and crochet for the shop.

When she isn’t helping customers, trying to figure out provisional cast-ons, or announcing new colorways, Blythe can be found singing with various groups near Princeton, NJ, where she lives. Blythe also maintains a studio of 20 voice, piano, and violin students and bats her eyelashes at The Frenchman so he’ll take her out for waffles!



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