Jules – Ice Cream and Knitting Wizard

trapezeknitterHello, my name is Jules and I am a yarnaholic.

The Twisted family welcomed me with open arms in 2012 and I have loved every minute of it.

I started my knitting career when I was very young when my Nana taught me how to knit at her house. I would knit very ugly funnel shaped “scarves” and I never liked a single one I made. I loved knitting, I just couldn’t make something as good as my Nana. Fast forward roughly 10 years and now you find me working at Twisted Fiber Art and I am an unstoppable knitting machine. Ever since I started working here I cannot stop planning my future projects, it is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me.

Now I bet you’re thinking what does the ice cream of the shop do? The answer is everything. And yes, I mean everything. I got this name because I fill in all of the cracks of the shop. I started off doing yarn hearts, re-skeining, and lots of computer stuff.  Now you can find me skeining the naked yarn, washing the dyed yarn, and sometimes even dying the mutating variegates! Ahh! I also knit a lot of samples for the shop and am known widely for taking pictures for people on Ravelry of yarn in the shop to compare colors and helping people with their questions.




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