Colorway of the Month

February’s Colorway of the Month is


Robes sweeping, air crackling with power, and otherworldly realms at the edge of vision. Imagination we’ve got. Violet, indigo and gray, got that too! Bring a little magic into your life with some Warlock yarn or roving!

This Promotion is for IN-STORE & IN-STOCK ITEMS ONLY

This promotion is only for our loyal locals.  The trick is you have to be here in the shop to use your discount.  It won’t be applied online.  When you purchase the Colorway of the Month of any In-Stock yarn or roving you will receive 15% off of each skein, cake or braid of that colorway!


2 thoughts on “Colorway of the Month

  1. I wish there was a way to combine this with online orders. I do not live remotely nearby. I can see this is limited to items in stock, but what if we called while ordering online to inquire about what was in stock? That way, we’d also be buying non-discounted yarns (offsetting any loss), and applying the discount only to what’s in inventory.

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